Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

$20 off Broken Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Replacement – Residential and commercial Garage doors are usually uses either a torsion spring or extension springs to lift or counter balance the weight of your garage door. While Torsion springs offer the best life expectancy, they are dangerous and should only be replaced by a trained garage door service man. Extension springs mostly used on smaller garage doors, or where headroom may be an issue. In order to get your garage door balanced and aligned, you must use the right size of springs. For instant, if your garage door weighs 160 pounds, then you need to use a spring or a pair of springs with 160 pounds of lift force.


Extension Garage Door Springs – Extension springs are not entirely safe either. If you do not properly secure both ends of the cables that run through the pulley on an extension spring system, the spring can fly off with great force and injure the person when they are extended in closing the garage door. Dealing with high tension springs in a job that should be left for professionals.


Torsion Garage Door Springs – Torsion spring replacement is a dangerous task mostly because people do not have the proper tools and training to put tension on the springs.

Garage door torsion springs are mounted above the garage door opening on a bar right In the middle of the opening. On each end of the bar attached a drum with lift cables that are attached to the bottom of the door. Smaller garage doors only require one spring, but bigger overhead doors will require two springs. Torsion spring life span determined by a few things: the wire gage, the overall length of the spring, the diameter of the spring and the quality of the metal.

Garage Door Repair Lincoln NE technicians carry only high quality springs and will always recommend the best match for your garage door and will back the torsion springs with 5 years warranty.


Wayne Dalton Torque Master torsion spring system and EZ-Set torsion spring– These two types of torsion springs are designed with safety in mind. They are design in such a way that you can safely wind the torsion spring using a drill. The biggest problem with these type of springs is that they don’t usually don’t last as long as standard garage door springs and are more expensive than standard torsion spring.

Every garage door broken spring repair service we provide come with 10 years warranty (for pair of springs only)