Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement- Things That You must Know about this Little Piece of Metal

Garage Door Broken Spring Replacement in Lincoln, NE.

It is quite often that people face the garage door broken spring problem, in the lifespan of their garage doors. If you are also one among them and are looking for a reputed company that offers the most satisfactory results for Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement services. Then it is worth to read on this blog post as we at Garagedoors 4 U offer our clients exactly what they want from a garage door repair company. Certification, availability and lastly, a well-equipped dedicated Team!

Now, come to the point. Do you know that among the other problems related to garage doors, garage door broken spring is the most common one? Surprisingly, these little sturdy steel springs have an offset of 8 feet long garage door that let them bear the entire weight of your garage door. But, still, over time, the high-tension steel of the springs lose its grip and effectiveness. And here is where our task starts.



Generally, there are two types of springs used for the uplifting weight of the garage doors. One is ‘Torsion’ and another is ‘Extension’. When you open your garage door, these springs upwind and lift-up the heavy-weight garage doors for paving a way for your favorite car. Although these little nodes are loaded with a twisting action, due to the heavy usage of garage doors, these springs can break under high-tension. Now, you must be thinking I hardly open my garage door twice or thrice in a day. How to know I am heavily using it or not and need a replacement (on-time). So that no casualty will take place. It’s far easy!

When it comes to describing the level of quality of garage door springs, then it can be found as ‘1000 use’ or ‘1500 use’. Flashing like a huge number but trust me, these are not as your garage door gets open for approximately 5 to 6 times in a day, yearly. Now you can imagine what would be the life shell of your garage springs. See whether your garage door springs’ steel start losing its resiliency. As with a new spring, you need not put so much force to put your garage door on. A little force is enough. But in case of aging springs, you have to pull it hard for opening the doors.

Another sign is- your garage door opener is getting strain while attempting to open the door, then it must be because of your garage door springs aging. That puts enormous stress and tension on your garage door opener. At this time, you need to call a well-equipped fixing man who can come at your place and will investigate your garage door spring repair/replacement issue.


We should not take garage door spring aging issue lightly. In fact, this can be turned out to be very critical as it can damage your garage doors’ parts by letting them fall anytime. Even, it can be a serious safety hazard if it has a lope hole of unavailability of safety cable. In that case, it can crash down within no time and nothing can stop it from falling.


The thing is- a broken spring can’t be repaired, it can only be replaced by another new spring. If you have any doubt about the strength of your garage door springs or any other garage door repair and replacement issue, then call our technician immediately. We shall send our team at your place for inspecting your garage door spring and replace it with a high-quality material spring within 1 or 2 hours if needed. Other than this, if you want to replace your garage door design with a modern athletics that goes with the interior of your sweet home, then we have a huge collection of industry standard advanced garage door design options. Need to replace them too?

Note: We at Garagedoors 4 U staple your conventional garage doors with high-performance, safe and advanced ones. Contact us today for getting the best possible Garage Sectional Doors suggestions laced with high-security features & properties and the great insulation value of quality material used.